What to expect

What Goes On In The Worship Service?

During a worship service we sing, pray, give offerings, and hear the Word of God proclaimed together. You will never be singled out pressured to participate in ways that your are not comfortable. Video recordings of our services are found under the media tab for you to view previous services. 

What Is The Music Like?

Our worship band leads us in a mix of ancient and modern songs that magnify Christ. We strive to sing songs that are both biblically faithful and congregational singable. Our "style" is more on the modern side as we use piano, guitars, keyboards, and drums among other instruments.

How Long Do Services Last?

The service starts at 10am and usually lasts about 70 minutes.

What Should I Wear?

We practice a "come as you are" approach. Most people dress casual to business casual. We believe God is more interested in the condition of our hearts than the style of our clothes.

What About My Kids?

We value families worshipping together so no worries about restless littles ones who may have lots of questions about what is going on. Children through age two are invited to play in the nursery during the duration of worship service. Children ages 3 through completed 5th grade will be dismissed from the service to kid's church before the start of the sermon. 

What about Bible Study Classes?

Bible study groups, which we call Life Groups, meet at 9am at the church on Sunday mornings. Men's and women's groups meet periodically. Off-campus and virtual groups meet from time to time as well.