A Life Group is a group within the larger church in which people can connect to God and others in a more personal way and practice the “one-another” principles of the Bible. Through fellowship, conversation, and digging deeper into Scripture, Life Groups create natural, fun, and engaging places where people of all ages can connect and grow as disciples of Jesus and in community with one another.

For those who are accustomed to participating in Sunday School or Bible study classes, we have opted to call them Life Groups here at Western Oaks because we believe groups are bigger and more important to limit to one day a week. We are brothers and sisters in Christ who share life experiences together that extend beyond our Bible study times together on Sundays.


Life groups meet every Sunday to offer you the opportunity to experience life-changing Bible study and to engage in a lifestyle of reaching and serving others for Jesus Christ with a group of genuine friends.

All Life groups meet at 9am each Sunday morning at the church building. Life group descriptions can be found at our Information Center.

Current Life Groups

We hope these descriptions of our on campus, Sunday Life Groups will help you find the best fit for your spiritual growth. Upon our groups relaunch on April 11th, all groups will co-ed and open to both couples and those who are single. We are confident that you will not only find friendliness in our groups but, more importantly, friendship.  Feel free to contact the group leader with questions via their e-mail listed below or you can contact the church office at 217-698-8622 or 

  • Ray Stewart Group

    A senior adult class that enjoys, in-depth Biblical studies that show how the various books and themes of the Bible all point toward Jesus and growing as his disciples .This group is comprised mainly of those for are 65 and older (but still young at heart!)

  • Sylvan Knobloch Group

    An adult class that enjoys interactive Bible study that encourages them to build healthy Christian relationships and apply God’s Word to their everyday lives.This group is generally for people in their 50s, 60s, and even early 70s.  Sylvan can be reached at

  • mark emerson group

    An adult class that engages in discussion and interaction to apply God's Word to everyday life situations. This group is generally for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.  Mark can be reached via e-mail at

  • Josh parsons group

    A Bible study that provides interactive conversation and practical application of the Scriptures to everyday life. This group is generally for people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Josh can be reached via e-mail at